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Enjoy the luxury to live in an affordable authentic traditional Thai Teakwooden House.

All houses we show in this website have been designed and constructed by

A teak-wood house from ThaiLanna Home is more than
"just another house"
in Thailand.

Till the early 1900's nearly all houses build in Thailand were teak wooden houses. Western influence rapidly changed the construction-style. As one of the few remaining builders of traditional Thai houses we still use the same century-old techniques for our ThaiLanna Homes that are in harmony with Thailand's building-tradition, architecture, landscape and culture.

Only ThaiLanna Home adds modern comfort to these houses, such as an up-to-date electrical installation, sanitary in tiled bathrooms, double walls etc. This ensures you to live in comfort in an authentic teakwooden Thai house.

Mae Ping

General information.

ThaiLanna Home re-introduces authentic romantic living style to those who are looking for that very special made to order traditional Thai-style teakwooden house. ThaiLanna Home is a committed family business with personal approach and decades of experience in designing and construction of Thai houses. We are based in the North of Thailand, the cradle of teakwooden houses.

We build our houses throughout Thailand.

Ban Pong

Interior France

Freedom of design and location is our trademark.

The custom made teakwooden houses are in a traditionally way constructed with centuries old skills and craftsmanship taught from generation to generation in ThaiLanna Home's factory in the northern Thai city of Phrae, located less than 300 meters from the famous and must see Temple Prathat Chohae. After completion -which takes not more than 2 months- your partly completed house will be taken apart, transported and assembled at the location of your choice in Thailand.
Should you later prefer to live in another part in Thailand than our specialists can move your house to that new location.
Our constructions-method will save energy for cooling your house, which contributes to a better environment.
The traditional Thai Architecture assures a natural climate control inside your house and is the basis for your new house in Thailand. There is a cooling refreshing airflow under the roof and floor.
As your new house will be custom-made, we can adjust the interior and exterior of the house according to your preferences. The models shown in this website are just basic-examples from which we can start to design your house.
We always like to see your land first in order to advice you about how to place your house and how to make some changes to the model you are interested in as it has to suit and be in harmony with the location.

Jaidee Thakob

Ban Pong

More information about the ThaiLanna Home houses can be found elsewhere in this website.

As no individual is equal we cannot go into all details, so please contact us for any additional information. We assure you 100% quality and satisfaction at unseen prices and state of the art finishing.

We hope to welcome you soon in the land of smiles.

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